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A Trip in Time

Found a piece of an old essay from Art History class, Art school 2007,

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was one of the finest Victorian painters. Born in 1836 in Holland, he moved
 to London in 1870. He had a passion for classical subject matter, 
painting Greek and Roman imagery. In 1852 he attended the Royal Academy of Antwerp and studied Dutch and Flemish art. At the Academy Alma-Tadema was taught by Egid Charles Gustave Wappers. In 1858, afte
r graduating from the Academy, Alma-Tadema began working with a painer by the name of Jan August Hendrik Leys. He helped Alma-Tadema carve out his own style, and guided him to his first major work, The Education of the Children of Clovis.  Critics loved the painting, while Leys compared Sir Lawrence’s rendering of marble to that of cheese.
 The painting was eventually purchased and given to King Leopold of Belgium.

        Alma-Tadema researched his subjects extensively. He went on a massive trip through Europe, in which in Italy he took photographs …

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