Emerging SWAG

 The Sande Webster Art Gallery opened up a competition to UArts students in the Spring of 2011 to submit their best work of their year. Illustrators would then be given free printing and frames courtesy of Blick Art Supplies. To my surprise, my Sun Wunkong piece was accepted, and even I got a cool $200 for it from a faculty member who had been a fan of my work since I was a freshman. The show was a success, packed, everyone got a few glasses of wine, bottles of beer, and cheese in them while a live Jazz band whipped it up. Great First Friday on April Fool's Day!

Sadly the gallery closed at the end of the year. Sande Webster is a bright soul and a champion of the local art scene, opening the gallery to all who possess skill, something many still don't do, basing their criteria on such thing as skin color and your ability at fellatio. Thanks for the opportunity Sande and Blick!


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