Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

Me and comrade Bob O'Herlihy worked on the logo for the New Jersey Savage, a team in the hard hitting, no pads football league Town Beef.
We only made a limited amount, and the all black ones are almost gone. The other colorway is read strap and read brim with green underbill. Get yours!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Emerging SWAG

 The Sande Webster Art Gallery opened up a competition to UArts students in the Spring of 2011 to submit their best work of their year. Illustrators would then be given free printing and frames courtesy of Blick Art Supplies. To my surprise, my Sun Wunkong piece was accepted, and even I got a cool $200 for it from a faculty member who had been a fan of my work since I was a freshman. The show was a success, packed, everyone got a few glasses of wine, bottles of beer, and cheese in them while a live Jazz band whipped it up. Great First Friday on April Fool's Day!

Sadly the gallery closed at the end of the year. Sande Webster is a bright soul and a champion of the local art scene, opening the gallery to all who possess skill, something many still don't do, basing their criteria on such thing as skin color and your ability at fellatio. Thanks for the opportunity Sande and Blick!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Fine Art Trip

Back in Spring 2011, I went on a class trip for my Children's Book Illustration class to the museums at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The entire premises is a work of art and the first art school in the country. It is a huge piece of American Art History and a badge of honor for the Philadelphia community. The statues I photographed are direct copies of the European originals and are extremely priceless.

Gettin mean in 2013

Things have been a bit wild for your homie, but that is the way of the storm! I shall ride it into oblivion, alas, for we have no choice in the matter but for how strong and long we can hold on for.

I've been slacking on the updates and my artwork a bit, I have such a back log of sketches that need to be dolled up. Two jobs that feel like 4 and bottled up anger ought to do it.

I'm done chasing after friends and women. I'm gonna get back on track and chase my dream.

I'm now on Instagram folks!