Live Free or Die

Summer X, I went to New Hampshire to visit my good friend Miles. While we were there, the opportunity to drive in our friend Twan's 1972 Jensen Healy came up. We jumped at the chance, and decided to take it for a spin on Rye and Hampton Beach. The top was down and the breeze was beautiful. Jenny was a beauty. She purred when Twan was heavy on the pedal. She was a bit small, poor Miles had to lounge in the cramped backseat. 

Rye Beach is a quiet, rocky beach. We sat on the rocks and talked about everything from time travel to mermaids.We kept joking we would see a mermaid if we looked close enough, screw the whales. But whale watching became another joke. We joked about dudes on the beach watching for whale tails. Laughing at perverts, being perverted ourselves, but just enjoying ourselves. 

We started referring to good looking girls at the beach as mermaids, which is a really nice compliment if you think about it. Melusina, the mermaid that adorns the Coat of arms of Warsaw, is a beautiful creature from the River Vistula who carries a sword and shield. Isn’t it nice to wish the girls on the beach the qualities of such a mystical thing?
Twan worked on a fishing boat during the day, so he was usually on the water most of the day. New England is big on anything from the water, so our conversations were never thirsty.

The three of us are into film and the subject of time, so we talked a lot about time travel, the future, our own futures. We discussed our plans and plots for movies, all on this great beach, not far from where we stayed. We went a few times at night, and the tide was high, cold, and raging. It fueled my imagination to look into the dark night sky, littered with starlight. 

Till next time homies.


twon said…
That was a good day. If your next trip up is in the summer we'll take it out again

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