I dedicate this piece to all the heads that have been harassed, assaulted, fined, or even arrested for participating in the act of skateboarding. Skateboarding is an amazing activity that requires much skill and practice. Why do security guards and police feel the need to harass and pick on the many young people that partake in the sport? I prefer this past time for young people over others, such as car theft and flash mobbing.

The original sketch of the skull was done by the homie Travis Bentley. He loves all the style and history of the Day of the Dead, as well as the rebellious spirt of Bart Simpson. He did a simple but sweet doodle of Bart as a sugar skull. I used it as an opportunity to collaborate on a piece with him, and drew over and into the doodle, effectively merging our talents, kind of like the fusion dance. Even though he liked the finished sketch, he loathed the vectored line work. I left the piece alone for awhile, until I found out 20th Century sued Skatebook over some sweet tribute to Bart Simpson's love of skateboarding by having him shred the most famous spots. The first thing i thought was "EAT MY SHORTS!"


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